The great energy transformation is under way!

Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) such as Solar, Wind, Storage, and Generator Backup are making it possible to produce energy closer to where is it used.

Microgrid technology now makes it possible to manage DERs as part of smaller local grids for greater reliability.

State and Federal regulators are driving to reduce the $400B/yr spent on energy in the U.S. while advancing sustainability and reliability goals by enabling the Transactive Grid.

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PARTNER CompaniesOverview of our Partner Companies

Organizing the World's Energy

EnergyNet Brings Energy Resources Into the Digital Age

We provide operational visibility and price transparency for Distributed Energy Resources (DERs).

We create new marketplaces for procuring, managing, enrolling & settling energy transactions.

We are constructing the next generation electronic platform for transactions & payments for the electric power industry.

Anyone producing energy should be able to sell to anyone consuming energy.

  • Power System Design & Modeling
  • Real-Time System Optimization
  • Arc Flash Monitoring

Microgrid Design, Simulation, and Operation

Power Analytics is the only widely deployed, hardware-indifferent software solution for the electric power grid's transition to the distributed and integrated grid. Embraced by the power industry for more than 25 years, Power Analytics' software is at the forefront of the electrical system planning and operation space for energy intensive, mission-critical facilities and microgrids. We currently protect more than $120 billion in critical customer assets that serve military bases and hospitals, commercial enterprises, and universities.

Power Analytics and its partners facilitate the design, operation, and optimization of Distributed Energy Resources (e.g. Solar PV, wind, CHP, small hydro, gas generation, energy storage, etc.) whether as stand-alone generation resources or harnessed seamlessly as independent, or grid-integrated, microgrids. Our DesignBaseTM software enables power engineers to design a distributed and real-time model of a power system from all commercially-available component parts focused on the emerging distributed architectures in the electric power grid. Our PaladinTM software suite enables power engineers to operate and optimize the power system, as built from the DesignBase model, in real time, and under an almost unlimited range of operating conditions, system parameters, and fault scenarios.

  • DER Management Software
  • Qualified Scheduling Services
  • Control and Distpatch Services

Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Services

We provide strategic energy management services for commercial and industrial customers who own Distributed Energy Resources (DER) - distributed generation, combined heat and power (CHP), renewables, energy storage, fuel cells; and/or are registered demand response (DR) curtailment providers.

The suite of products and services is based on a broad and deep portfolio of intellectual property (IP) which includes, but is not limited to: installation, monitoring, control, compliance, risk management, analysis, reporting, and the economic dispatch of DER energy, capacity, or curtailment into the North American deregulated power markets. These services enable DER owners to profitably manage and maintain their energy assets, while retaining emergency-outage preparedness for their own businesses.

We offer all existing and new DER owners comprehensive daily operational management and market interaction.

  • Balancing Authority
  • Transmission Operator
  • Market Operations Center

NERC Certified Control and Dispatch

We are one of the nation's most advanced energy control centers - a place where energy supply and demand are balanced in real time. We have a state-of-the-art control center in Houston, Texas, from which we serve a wide variety of customers across North America.

Our NERC Reliability Coordinator (RC) certified operators have more technical, multi-regional experience than any other balancing control center in the industry. Our "resume" includes successfully certifying over 48 balancing authorities, managing full requirements service for multiple municipal utilities, and the provision of services to over 13,000 MW of generation in five NERC sub-regions.

We also provide services to Transmission entities, load-serving entities (i.e., municipalities, cooperative utilities, small investor-owned utilities, etc.), Independent Power Producers (IPPs), individual and aggregated micro-grid and non-residential DER owners, industrial facilities, and demand response clients throughout North America. We offer our clients facilitated and secure access to the regional energy markets.


LEADERSHIP TeamExperienced Technology Executives

Joe Forbes, Chief Executive Officer

Joe is a multi-faceted executive whose ability to evaluate, manage and create technology companies have driven historically high investor returns. He has created five successful technology companies in wireless communications, consulting, towers, hardware/software development and clean tech energy over the previous 17 years with high returns to investors through public/private exits, leveraged buyouts and successful capital formation with Fortune 100 Companies. Most recently through Causam and Private Equity, he has created four new operating companies focused on Intellectual Property, 4G focused distributed data centers on remediated land, and distributed energy.

Click here to Experience Joe's recent panel presentation at Stanford Digital Cities Summit, 2016

Ken Grimes, Chief Financial Officer

An avid numbers guy and tech junkie, Ken’s diverse professional background includes telecommunications, investment banking and money management.

Whether designing wireless networks, completing IPOs or making the call to buy and/or sell hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. and international equities, a fascination with finance, data and strategy have been the focal points of Ken’s work.

Tom Gordon, Chief Operations Officer

Leader in product development, professional services, and revenue operations.

Tom was Vice President of Software Engineering at Open Text, responsible for the SaaS over 50,000 global partners in the B2B document exchange market.

Taylor Brockman, Chief Technology Officer

Venture capital backed software product innovation and delivery experience in the mobile commerce, medical data exchange, and Smart Grid industries.

Taylor grew Motricity, Inc. to more than $100 million in annual revenues and 500 employees globally. Taylor invented, designed, and implemented a mobile content platform driving over $3 billion in direct to consumer sales.

Ian deCone, SVP Business Development

Wireless product innovation, technology strategy and business development of highly scalable voice, data and cloud based applications.

Ian led the product development of GTE TSI’s fraud control systems business for 200+ global wireless carriers, growing the business to $100M+ annual revenue in 3 years saving the industry $B.

Press Announcement

PRTI Announces Strategic Partnership with Causam Energy

PRTI, the leading environmentally-responsive tire to energy business, has announced a strategic partnership with Causam Energy, a leader in the new transactional energy marketplace.

PRTI will utilize Causam’s EnergyNet® software platform to sell its distributed energy back to the power grid through local utilities and open regional energy markets across North America. Causam Energy announced the commercial release of its EnergyNet® Distributed Energy Resource transactional platform in September, 2016. This multi-year partnership between two rapidly expanding North Carolina companies includes a combination of shared strategic goals and associated investment and vision about the future.

Jason A Williams, President and CEO of PRTI said, “We are excited to partner with Causam, their CEO Joe Forbes, and the entire team. Causam are natural partners for us as we implement and expand our green energy creation thesis. From waste, to Watts to cents, the Causam-PRTI team can now truly harness and monetize waste materials, starting with car tires.” Joe Forbes, CEO of Causam Energy, said “The combination of PRTI’s distributed energy resource production of green power and the EnergyNet® software suite is one of the first true implementations of transactive energy services for the new distributed electric power grid.”

Read The Full Press Release

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