Causam builds companies around its 100 patents and patents pending to create the cleaner, smarter, distributed electrical grid of the future.

Causam’s technological innovation will transform a one-way, centralized, non-communicative electric grid into one that is multi-directional, safer, and more efficient, where internet protocol communications and real-time data combine for actionable grid intelligence and optimization.

We focus on measurement and verification, smart digital contracts, and advanced energy settlement that accelerate the flow of information and automate real-time decisions among utilities, system operators, independent power generators, retail electric providers, renewable energy producers, microgrids, end-use power systems, and consumer devices.

Our Companies

Enabling participation in your energy future

Similar to the way that VisaNet transformed credit card settlements, EnergyNet seeks to revolutionize the way that power is bought and sold. Our blockchain-based software platform enables real-time P2P payments and settlements and delivers on the promise of transactive energy for any consumer, prosumer, or generator on the grid. Our platform lowers power bills, increases market transparency, boosts returns for distributed energy generators, enables flexible demand, and supports a cleaner power grid. Leveraging a leading IP portfolio of 100+ patents and patents pending and a business model focused on distribution and behind-the-meter applications that do not rely upon utility adoption, our mission is to bring unprecedented speed, security, and flexibility to billions of power transactions each year.

  • Power System Design & Modeling
  • Real-Time System Optimization
  • Arc Flash Monitoring

Microgrid Design, Simulation, and Operation

Power Analytics is the only widely deployed, hardware-indifferent software solution for the electric power grid's transition to the distributed and integrated grid. Embraced by the power industry for more than 25 years, Power Analytics' software is at the forefront of the electrical system planning and operation space for energy intensive, mission-critical facilities and microgrids. We currently protect more than $120 billion in critical customer assets that serve military bases and hospitals, commercial enterprises, and universities.

Power Analytics and its partners facilitate the design, operation, and optimization of Distributed Energy Resources (e.g. solar PV, wind, CHP, small hydro, gas generation, energy storage, etc.) whether as stand-alone generation resources or harnessed seamlessly as independent, or grid-integrated, microgrids. Our DesignBaseTM software enables power engineers to design a distributed and real-time model of a power system from all commercially-available component parts focused on the emerging distributed architectures in the electric power grid. Our PaladinTM software suite enables power engineers to operate and optimize the power system, as built from the DesignBase model, in real time, and under an almost unlimited range of operating conditions, system parameters, and fault scenarios.

Leadership TeamExperienced Technology Executives and Entrepreneurs

Joe Forbes, Chief Executive Officer

Joseph Forbes is a multi-faceted executive whose ability to evaluate, manage, and create technology companies have driven historically high investor returns. He has created five successful technology companies in wireless communications, consulting, towers, hardware/software development and clean energy over the previous 17 years with 6 public/private exits, leveraged buyouts, and successful capital formation with Fortune 100 Companies. Most recently through Causam and private equity investors, he has created 4 new operating companies, focused on transactive energy, intellectual property, 4G focused distributed data centers on remediated land, and distributed energy.

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Tom Gordon, Chief Operations Officer

Tom Gordon has over 30 years of experience developing and managing innovative technology companies. Mr. Gordon has been a founder of several companies and has raised over $30 million in private equity from angels and venture capital firms. Mr. Gordon was one of the founders of SynXis, which was the first Internet based hotel reservation system that was purchased by Sabre Holdings (owner of Travelocity). SynXis had venture funding from George Soros and the Washington Investment Partners. He has held a number of leadership positions, and most recently was the Vice President of Software Engineering for OpenText Corporation (NASDAQ: OTEX) prior to joining Causam Energy. Mr. Gordon obtained his M.B.A. from Vanderbilt University, and has a B.S. in Management Science from Virginia Tech.

Taylor Brockman, Chief Technology Officer

Taylor Brockman is a software development expert. Taylor has 15 years of venture capital backed software product innovation and delivery experience in the mobile commerce, medical benefits management, and electrical Smart Grid industries. Taylor co-founded Motricity (NASDAQ: MOTR) in September 1999 and was instrumental in growing the company to more than $100M in annual revenues and 500 employees globally. As Motricity’s Research Technology Architect, Taylor invented, designed, and implemented one of the industry's leading mobile content delivery platforms - a platform that has delivered more than $3B of content to mobile phones.

Ian deCone, SVP Business Development

Ian DeCone brings over 25 years in product development, business development, technology strategy, and systems engineering for leaders in the wireless industry such as GTE Telecommunication Services and Verizon. Sample experience includes corporate technology strategy for cloud, wireless, and enterprise solutions; supply chain logistics; network operations; investment in startups focused on machine-to-machine learning; and Lean Six Sigma programs. He has catalyzed new business units generating over $100M of revenue per year and created systems to uncover billions of dollars of corporate inefficiencies. DeCone has a B.S in Accounting from Merrimack College and a Master Black Belt certification from Verizon.

Intellectual PropertyPatent Portfolio

Causam has built its operating companies on the foundations of its 100 patents and patents pending, which are focused on the distributed, communicative, and transactional electric grid.

Causam is the world's patent leader in the following areas:

  • Microgrids
  • Advanced Demand Response
  • Distributed Energy Resources which includes renewable and storage technologies
  • Grid Element Messaging
  • Grid Element Registrations
  • Advanced Energy and Financial Settlements
  • Transactive Energy

Causam’s Intellectual Property is protected on all 7 continents, which contain over 2,400 claims and 10,000 pages of specifications.

Causam will continue to enhance and extend its patent portfolio.

Advisors Experienced Expert Advisors

Ed White

Ed White is a seasoned executive and entrepreneur. In 1980, he founded Utility Translation Systems, Inc. (UTS), a successful remote meter-reading software company. He sold UTS to Itron, Inc. in 1996 and served as Itron's Chairman until retiring in 2003. Mr. White currently serves as Chairman of Field2Base, Inc., a technology company that uses tablet PCs, wireless communications, and Field2Base software to support the mobile workforce for a variety of industries. He is also the Founder of White Ventures LLC, a private equity and commercial real estate development company. White serves as Chairman for GRIDiant, Inc. and the Research Triangle Cleantech Cluster, board member for Morrisville, North Carolina’s Chamber of Commerce; and former President of the NC State Engineering Foundation.

Tom Noyes

Tom Noyes is currently CEO of Commerce Signals. He has over 20 years experience in banking, payments, venture finance, eCommerce, mobile, and product innovation. He has worked with leading banks, mobile operators, payment networks, and regulators globally to bring innovation to consumers. Mr. Noyes provides unique perspectives based upon his global experience as a senior executive with Starpoint LLP, Citibank, Oracle, GartnerGroup, and various start-ups. He has built high performance global teams focused on bringing new products to market, both directly to consumers and to Fortune 100 companies. He is a also frequent guest on CNN, Fox and ABC.

Reading BookshelfKnowledge is Power

The Grid

Gretchen Bakke Ph.D. 2016

The Fraying Wires Between Americans and Our Energy Future

Algorithms to Live By

Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths 2016

The Computer Science of Human Decisions

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